Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best………start each day with gratitude.  Have faith that your mind and heart will be open to bigger, better experiences than those you have already had.  Anticipate a day of goodness, filled with productivity, positive energy, and the opportunity to leave people better than you found them.  It is important to go out into the world with an attitude that reflects our spirit and allows our soul to shine.  We get what we give in this world… if we allow our bad moods, disappointments or low energy to travel with us, they will show up every day to make their contribution. Some defeats are only instalments to victory. So we must keep the faith.

We must learn how to fail intelligently and develop success from failure.  We must recognize that failure is temporary, that when we get a different result than the one we were hoping for, there is a way out.  Your experiences have taught you lessons along the path of life.  If you listen to them they will become things you know…..and that helps us to have faith that we can make it through anything.  So rally your positive thoughts, your attitude of gratitude and connect your good intentions with awesome action.  Staying in your head ignites the flame of your fears…..taking action subdues the fear.  When we dare to confront the things that scare us, we open the door to personal liberty.  Make today an awesome day.  Enjoy!

Iyanla Vanzant said ” You must have faith and experience in order to live life fully.  You must have faith that all of the things you expect from life are possible for you. You must have faith that your faith will eventually lead to good experiences. The attitude with which we greet the day says a great deal about what the day will be like. When we start the day with a spirit of joy, openness, peace and love, we put the universe on alert, we want more of the same.”