Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best………be careful how you pursue success. Because if the only kind of success you are pursuing is at work…..then you have made the great error of defining yourself by your work. In that one dimensional thinking…. you may even think that happiness is defined by the things that you accumulate in this life.  Your milestones are in money, cars, and houses…..but if all that was stripped away.  What would be left.  How do you stand as a human being?  Some people are so focused on their career and work that they have not taken the time to cultivate their character.  They have shut down their emotional side in an effort to stay focused on chasing success.  Ahhh what a hollow victory.

You’ve become so accustomed to rushing to meet all of your responsibilities that it’s almost an ingrained habit to go fast.  Yet moving at the speed of light from one task to another doesn’t win any contests or engender peace of mind – rather it keeps your focus on the future, instead of enjoying the present moment.  So as much as we may all pursue our dreams we must remember that our own happiness is our greatest tool for helping and teaching.  It’s a profound energy that emits deeply healing rays of light that have an uplifting effect.  Today say yes to happiness and no to fear-based choices that cloud your schedule with too much “busyness.”  Keep things simple by living whole heartedly and spending  time in meaningful ways. 

Robin Sharma said “It took me forty years to discover this simple point of wisdom.  Forty long years to discover that success cannot really be pursued.  Success ensues and flows into your life as the unintended yet inevitable by-product of a life spent enriching the lives of other people.  When you shift your daily focus from a compulsion to survive towards a lifelong commitment to serve, your existence cannot help but explode into success.  I still can’t believe that I had to wait until the half-time of my life to figure out true fulfillment as a human being comes not from achieving those grand gestures that put us on the front pages of the newspaper, but instead from those basic and incremental acts of decency that each one of us has the privilege to practice each and every day.”