Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Keep the promises you make to yourself and to others……..become a model of integrity.  Everything you do communicates, and that includes when you make promises that you don’t keep.  These are not hand over heart promises, rather they are the times you say you’ll be home early, I’ll be at your game, I’ll call you later this week, let’s get together.   While adults can handle these broken promises somewhat better……they break children’s hearts.  So we need to make promises that we are sure we can keep.  We need to guard our integrity by ensuring that we don’t continually over-promise, and under deliver. 

Because it doesn’t take long for people to begin to mistrust your ability to carry through on what you say.  Once that happens your words become meaningless…..and people stop listening, because experience tells them  it won’t happen, or it will get postponed, or you will make another promise for “next time.”   Ultimately it all comes down to your desire to build your character and the place to begin is with ourselves.  So today, reflect on the promises you have made to yourself.  Think about whether you have kept them, or are they still sitting on your “to do list?”  If you cannot keep commitments made to yourself…you will not be able to keep those you make with others.  Life is a reflection of you, so hold the mirror up to it and decide what you need to do for yourself.  Keep a promise and then another one…….your life experience will soar. 

Robin Sharma said “Keeping the promises you make to yourself, whether the promise involves exercising or taking some time to commune with nature or even getting  a massage after a hectic week, means you are being true to yourself.  When you follow through on the commitments you have made to take better care of yourself, you are in effect honouring yourself.  When you break these promises, you slowly lose trust in yourself.”