Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best………and want the best for yourself.  Strong self-esteem is the product of a great relationship with yourself.  True love does not ask us to lose ourselves, harm ourselves, or sacrifice ourselves for its sake.  Love offers us measure for measure what we offer it.  So the key to having a great relationship is to first have a great relationship with yourself.  You cannot give to someone else, what you cannot give to yourself. So loving yourself, believing in yourself, supporting yourself are all characteristics of someone who has great personal power and is therefore more likely to be successful in their relationships.

To truly appreciate where your relationship stands you must look through the window and see how honest you have been with yourself and with the other person.  Any time we withhold our feelings, anytime we say nothing when we want to say a lot, we are being given a sign.  We are being shown that we have an arrangement with that person, not a relationship.  Because in strong relationships, built on equality, there is nothing you can’t say, or do. In those relationships you are not governed by fear, you are inspired by love.  The only way to truly express love, the kind that will last, is to stand in your identity, your truth, and feel ok about wanting the best for yourself, especially in love. Today honour yourself by loving yourself enough to remove yourself from unloving experiences. 

Iyanla Vanzant said “In relationships, it is quite possible to stay long after it is healthy or wise to do so.  But you can only duck and dodge for so long.  You can only take so much.  You can only master what you know is coming , which leaves you completely unprepared for new developments.  To stay for the sake of staying could hurt you or get you hurt.  Beyond physical, mental and emotional pain, there is the damage that is done to your spirit.  When that damage has happened, there is no way to duck, run or hide from the pain.  A relationship blesses you with the opportunity to share who you are with someone else who is willing to see the truth of who you are. But it is not loving to stay in a place where you are happy sometimes, sad most of the time.”