Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Make stillness and silence a part of every day………we must take breaks from the steady stream of information and people that charge at us every day.  It is important for us to remember that nurturing our spirit is a choice we must make; taking care of ourselves has to be an on-going commitment……. and we must acknowledge that  we can only achieve peace when we choose to be at peace no matter what is going on around us. 

As human beings we are not made to run infinitely without taking breaks and an opportunity to just rest our minds and bodies.  Not only do we need periods of silence but we need to understand what that means in today’s world; it means moving away from technology of any kind for a few minutes, it means giving someone our undivided attention, and enjoying the simple pleasure of just being…….

Trying to prove your worth and value does not increase your peace, failing to take responsibility for your mistakes does not increase your peace, working incessantly does not increase your peace….. but trusting that you are always doing your best, can and will increase your peace. Today take a break from activities that disturb your peace and find stillness…….because in meditation your soul gets a chance to get a word in.

Robin Sharma said “Staying quiet for even short periods of time builds willpower and self-control because you exert force on your will by not giving in to the impulse to talk.  So many people talk far more than they have to.  Rather than speaking precisely and communicating only what needs to be said, all too often we go on and on.  This in itself reveals a lack of discipline.  Measured precise speech is also a sign of clear thought and of a serene mind.”