Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Don’t take things personally………it is your ego that believes everything is about you .  When things go badly we must not imagine bad intentions and dis-respect from those around us –  that will always be your ego driving that kind of internal speak but the reality is in every experience there is a lesson. 

When people come out of the other side of a challenging life experience you will sometimes hear them say “that was the best thing that could have happened to me” those are the enlightened people, the ones who didn’t let the experience go by without taking inventory and understanding  the lessons and the way forward. 

Your world can look healthy from the outside in that you may have all the material wealth you will ever need, but if you don’t do the inner work then nothing that you achieve on the outside will ever make you happy.  No amount of success can ever make up for the feelings we harbour and hide on the inside……when life presents us with challenges and it will……the only way out is through and that means stepping back, reflecting, and being aware that you are the common denominator in situations and the lessons are waiting for you. 

Robin Sharma said “Rough conditions can bring precious gifts.  Life can be hard.  We all have our good seasons as well as our difficult ones.  But hard times bring many blessings. Like….strength of character, self knowledge, courage, and greater understanding and compassion.  We grow the most as human beings during our roughest times,  So, why do we judge them as bad – when they bring such good?  The challenging pieces of our lives just might be when we are most alive…..and they always bring tiny miracles.  If you are awake to them.”