Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Live authentically………..nothing you will ever learn will be more important than learning to live in a way that is aligned with your authentic self. At times when we make decisions we become more concerned with how people will feel about us than with honouring our own values and principles for living our best lives. Great leaders must balance their decision making by managing the effects of their choices on today while considering the greater good and the needs of the future.

We make many decisions daily including when we must say “No” in order to stay focused on the things that matter, the things that feed our passion, the things that represent who we truly are at our core. Living authentically means making choices that allow you for the most part to live in harmony; without stress. It is when we subjugate ourselves that we create stress in our lives……..anytime our outward experience is in conflict with our inward feelings we are being dishonest with the most important person that we take care of………ourselves.

Stephen R. Covey said “Begin each day with the blueprint of my deepest values FIRMLY in mind then when challenges come, make decisions BASED on those values. When man created the mirror, he began to lose his soul. He became more concerned with his image than with his self.”