Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be impeccable with your word…………both with yourself and with others.  Impeccability with your word is so important to your experience.  If your inner speak is not positive and loving.  If you are loving some of the time, but withhold your love at other times. If you offer excuses and justifications for why you cannot be loving then you prevent yourself from receiving everything you want.  It’s not that we are not good and loving people.  It is that we forget our purpose is to overcome negativity in our lives, by choosing love.

So examine your vocabulary.  Get rid of words like terrible, horrible, disgusting, and awful because when we use these words frequently they come with strong feelings.  Those strong feelings put out an energy and that energy will be returned to you throughout your day with astounding accuracy.  You see it is all about what frequency you are on.  You will always get what you give.  Your frequency is governed by your feelings, your words, and your tone.  So today’s mission is to walk with love wherever you go… give kindness and be impeccable with your word, and to enjoy the frequency of love.

Rhonda Byrne said “Blame, criticism, finding fault, and complaining are all forms of negativity.  All of them bring so much strife.  With every little complaint and every moment you criticize anything, you are giving negativity. Complaints about the traffic, weather, the government, your partner, children, the economy, your body, your work, your finances, seem like small harmless things, but they bring back with them a whole host of negativity.  You can have whatever you love and want but you have to harmonize with love, and that means there are no excuses for not giving love.”