Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

You can rewrite your story…… times we need to pause, reflect, and think about how we tell the story of our life.  It is easy to get on the slippery slope of time; where one moment runs into the next and before you know it your mind is blending all the moments and painting them with the same experience over and over.  This is how we torture ourselves.  We experience the moment.  We accept the moment. Then we keep telling the story about the moment over and over until we have blurred the measures of time and the moment has become our life.  How many times will you take yourself through the review of what has happened?  How long will you project your angst into the future? How long will you tell the story?

We must learn to embrace each new moment as just that, an opportunity to experience something different, to change our thinking, and to see those moments as the catalyst for moving forward.  When you allow self-defeating beliefs to hold you in a place of pain and suffering.  When you lack the courage to move beyond habitual responses that do not support your true identity.  Then you are placing yourself in a holding pattern.  One that will not allow you to experience the joy that is available with every new day.  Second guessing yesterday will not help you today.  So accept where you are today, you will open yourself to the luxury of knowing that you can do better tomorrow, and when we know better, we do better.

Robin Sharma said “One of the most wonderful things about time is the fact that you cannot waste it in advance.  No matter how much time you have squandered in the past, the next hour that comes your way will be perfect, unspoiled and ready for you to make the very best of it.  No matter what has happened to you in the past , your future is spotless.  Realize that every dawn brings with it the corresponding opportunity to begin a completely new life.  If you so choose, tomorrow can be the day that you start getting up earlier, reading more, exercising, eating well and worrying less.”