Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……..and remember who you once were.  As children we are innocence walking.  We love indiscriminately, we are full of creativity and imagination, we believe in miracles, and we are tenacious and determined to live our best life in each moment of each day. Even when we learned to walk, we would fall down many times and yet we would always get back up with a smile on our face….determined to try again.  We are fearless and we master things easily because of it.  And the only thing we hate when we are two is our nap.  So what happens to our spirits…..what replaces that wonder with fear.  Well meaning adults and family write on the slate of who we become……and ever so slowly they erase all that beautiful innocence as they prepare us for the harsh realities of our world.

Still we can reclaim ourselves.  We can close our eyes for a moment, we can breathe deeply, and we can find that person who believed in miracles and place ourselves back into the warm embrace of living with love.  Then we can feel love all around us, we are embraced and protected by it, and we are free from all harm for a moment.  When we can find our way back to our perfect selves, our fears and worries vanish.  So be love, move in love, and see love in all things, then you will be living the truth of your soul.  You will be connected to your most enduring power……and with that light, hope is possible.  There  is light not darkness.

Robin Sharma said “The purpose of human life, I believe, is to walk the path of this great awakening of self and to return home to who you once were, and the place you once knew.  My closely held belief is that newborn children represent perfection and the state of being to which each of us is duty bound to return.  In the instant after you were born, your were fearless, pure love, innocent, infinitely wise, of boundless potential and beautifully connected with the unseen hand that created the universe.  As a very young child, you were filled with wonder and fully alive to life.  Indeed, at that time you were nearly enlightened; to be enlightened is to be all light, one who is all light has no shadows, no dark side, no fears, no anger, no resentments and no limitations.”

Please note that the Thoughts will be taking a short pause and will return Monday August 11th, 2014.  Happy Summer days.