Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best………measure your self-worth from the inside.  When worth is separate from external factors it is intrinsic and unchanging, irrespective of outside events and circumstances.  It stands alone as our core power and acts as ballast for the pounding our self-esteem can sometimes take on our journey. It allows us to distinguish between feeling bad about events or behaviours  and feeling bad as a person as a result of those circumstances.   In fact when productivity and success are the main way that we fill ourselves up.  We are extremely vulnerable to rejection and criticism and therefore more prone to anxiety and depression.

So we must seek to understand our personal worth at its core.  We must remember that liking ourselves is not anyone’s job but our own and that the need to be liked is a reflection of what needs to be healed.  When you secretly feel inadequate about yourself, or you believe that who you are is not good enough, you will be constantly taking life’s punches on the chin.  Instead we must remind ourselves of the strength that lies within.  We must remember the beautiful and unique spirit that defines us and allow it to shine.  Today is a good day to remember just how very special you are… strong you are, and how much you trust that inner core.  Then if the weather is bad……you can make your own good weather.

Glenn R. Schiraldi said “When your self worth is external, then your self esteem rises and falls  along with events.  This makes separating worth from externals difficult in today’s culture.  The emphasis can convey the message that you are not worthwhile if you are not young, bold, beautiful, or wealthy.  Fast lane living in today’s world conveys the message that you must be high powered and successful to be somebody.  Taken to the unrestrained extreme, today’s work ethic can suggest that one loses personal worth if one is sleeping, vacationing, or not producing.  Yet if we use externals to measure our worth, we will remain unfulfilled, seeking approval and trying to overcome our feelings of worthlessness.  Externals increase your social worth they do not increase your personal worth.”