Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Know your true life values……..and focus on them.   Everything seems to fall into place when we are living in alignment with our end values; and the opposite is true when we are out of alignment.  The ultimate goal for each of us, is to make choices that meet our deepest emotional needs in the long term.  While we may openly talk about valuing love, family, and money. We must realize that family and money are means values…..and nurtured they look after our deepest and abiding value….LOVE.  As human beings we are designed to move towards pleasure and move away from pain.  So it is difficult for us to understand when we achieve our financial goals,  why we may still feel empty.  The answer is always inside of you.

Whatever your  values are, they affect the direction of your life.  They influence your decisions, they act as filters, and they either build your ego, or your humility.  We cannot make decisions because we might disappoint someone…that is your ego saying focus on the short-term.  We must make decisions based on the greater good.  While that may mean momentary disappointment, it will provide stability for the longer term and that is where love resides.  If we truly want the deepest level of fulfillment in our lives then we must determine what our end values are, and then commit to living them every day. We are doing our best when we live with integrity and honour our values.

Anthony Robbins said “The challenge in life is that most people are not clear on the difference between means and ends values, and therefore, they experience a lot of pain.  So often people are too busy pursuing means values that they don’t achieve their true desire: their ends value.  The ends values are those that will fulfill you, make your life rich and rewarding.  One of the biggest challenges I see is that people keep setting goals without knowing what they truly value in life, and therefore they end up achieving their goals and saying, Is this all there is?  In order to be truly happy, we must know the difference, and be sure to pursue the end itself.”