Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…………stop telling stories that are full of judgment.  Without personal awareness we are destined to judge others and feed our ego by taking things personally.  Taking things personally is something we all need to un-learn.  Because when we take things personally we are assuming that other people’s actions are somehow motivated with us in mind.  We assume that we are in some way superior to the person we are judging.  We give free rein to our beliefs about how people should be and we impose them in our judgement.  Love and respect for self and others is where we need to find our way back to.  

Successful people have a sense of their own dignity.  They are solid in themselves, they have worked out who they are and what they are about.  They don’t need to brag, compare, or judge.  They don’t need to feed their ego by highlighting themselves because they aren’t particularly interested in what we think – they are too busy getting on with their lives.  They maintain decorum in all that they do and they treat people with dignity and respect.  This is only possible when we have self-respect and quiet self-esteem within ourselves.  You cannot give to others what you have not given to yourself.  Remember, if you have and hold love in your heart, then you always know what to say and what to do.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Perhaps you’ve played the game in which you watch people in a public place, or restaurant, and make up stories about who they are, what they are doing, what their back story could be.  While this game can be amusing, the problem is that most of us live out a real life version of this almost constantly.  When we meet or interact with someone, we project a story onto him or her based on how we look at the world or what our particular belief system is.  All of these little stories are ultimately assumptions, and they cloud our ability to see things as they truly are, free from our attachments.”