Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Nurture your soul……..put as much effort into your inner self as your outer self.  Often we place too much importance on our outer physical appearance and not nearly enough on our inner selves.  We commit to exercise and food choices all designed to produce the desired results for our physical appearance.  It is equally important to place as much emphasis on developing our inner strength so that we can nurture our whole body.  Then we can hear the truth in our lives, instead of giving the truth our own meaning.

There is a sadness in people who only concentrate on the physical….like a beautiful gift box with nothing in it.  When you deny your feelings and emotions about someone, or something in your life.  You deny yourself the opportunity to bring your thoughts into the light.  Where you can examine them, reflect on them, and determine if they still serve you, or if they seem to be taking you against the flow of life.  Today light a candle and look within…….bring a little light to the darkest thoughts and fears, the path forward will be clear.

Robin Sharma said “Remember that we collect what we project.  Our outer lives are nothing more than a mirror image of our inner lives.  Pour light on your dark side.  Become aware of the false assumptions , limiting beliefs, and fears that are keeping you small, and your exterior world will change.  Know that the truth in any given circumstance is filtered through your personal stained glass window……your personal context.  Clean up the windows, and you’ll clean up your life.  Then you’ll see the truth.”