Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Send Love into the day ahead………happiness is only found in the present moment.  If you were to stop right now and ask yourself, what makes me happy?  How would you answer?  Is happiness elusive in your life?  Do you set up hurtles for yourself to clear before you can give yourself permission to be happy?  We waste precious time when we place our happiness in the promise land.  We all need to find a few moments each day to mentally focus on what we are grateful for right here, right now.

 If we are not grateful for what we have today….we have zero chance of ever being happy tomorrow.   Because, when we resist the current moment, then we are ostensibly being ungrateful for its gift to us.   Being grateful for your life as it happens allows you to be in the flow of life.  Complaining about your life experience on any given day is like placing an order for more lessons to come your way.  So walk with grace and remember for those that can hear, hear.  For those that can see, see. This morning, hold the intention of sending caring energy into the day that you’re about to experience.  Then it will be waiting for you all day.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.  said “You’ve probably heard the phrase “Life’s about the journey not the destination.”  Yet many of us are waiting for some goal to be reached, some status to be attained before we can begin enjoying our lives.  We say things to ourselves like “I will be happy when I get this job/accumulate this money/have this relationship.”  There is nothing wrong with wanting to attain or achieve certain things, but if we make our happiness conditional on reaching certain destination points, our life will become a series of goals to obtain, with each one failing to deliver the promise of the happiness we envisioned.  Living this way means missing out on the beauty of journey, the one that is happening right now.”