Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….give yourself the gift of personal time each day.  Self care and your ability to practice it lets you and the world know your level of self love.  This requires discipline and the willingness to schedule some “me time” each day.  Ideally you awaken pre-dawn and devote yourself to the peaceful stillness at that time of day.  You tap into the magic that exists as the moon disappears and is replaced by the sun.  All of us need to recharge our batteries by setting aside intervals for simple pleasures and personal passions. 

We need to quietly replenish our energy and refresh our minds by committing to daily self care.  The energy we spend on ourselves is a wise investment in our happiness and our health.  Extreme self-care not only means dedicating time to refresh.  It means surrounding yourself with soul nourishing work and people.  It means the development of daily habits that make you feel happy and nurtured.  Self-care is not selfish….for you cannot give to others, if you are running on empty.  Your life is  like a road trip, with rest stops, and places to refuel….these are imperative if you are to ensure that your energy can fuel your dreams.

Robin Sharma said  “Devote yourself to setting aside the first sixty minutes of your day as your “holy hour.”  This is your sacred time to do the inner work required to help you become your best.  Use this period to read from the wisdom literature, to meditate or pray, to reflect on the state of your life and the progress of your dreams in your journal or to think deeply about what must unfold over the coming hours of the day in order for you to feel it was a successful one.  Performing this ritual daily will help you to shine brightly in the world and live at your highest.”