Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Strive for excellence in your life………and know that continuous growth comes from being open to taking risks.  There is a difference between a goal and an obsession.  There is also a difference between being responsible and being compulsive.  We must be willing to reflect from time to time, to step back from our own wake and see what we have created.  Being mindful of the affect you have in this world allows you to adjust the course and step out onto the ledge of life, so that you can experience passion and the realization of your dreams through your willingness to try something new. 

We must also appreciate that we can become excessive doers…….so the very qualities that drive us toward success are the same qualities that can create our tension and frustration. Reflection allows us to see things as they really are and this in turn facilitates an opportunity to take calculated risks and adjust our course.  If we are experiencing struggle, frustration, tension in our relationships, and compulsion in our actions then we are pushing too hard. When we push ourselves too hard, then we are likely pushing everyone in our lives the same way…… slow down from time to time, take inventory of where you are at, and take charge of yourself because the only person you control is you……

Dr Wayne Dyer said “The next time you’re contemplating a decision in which you’re debating whether or not to take charge of yourself or to make your own choices, ask yourself an important question – “How long am I going to be dead?” As long as you’re willing to stay as you are or to stay only with the familiar and not take risks and try out new things, then it is , by definition, impossible to grow.”