Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Take care of yourself…….and understand that what comes to you in life, is a reflection of what is in you.  There are times when a person can hurt us with their words and accusations… these times we are likely to blame the person who upset us.  The reality is that their words or their deeds have triggered something within……and so the pain comes as a result of something external bumping into something that is already there.  That is why self-inquiry is so important… allows us to take charge of our run away emotions so that we are not being manipulated by what happens around us. 

Self inquiry allows us to realize that we all have pain bodies that reside dormant inside of us, and every now and then someone triggers them with their words or deeds.  At that moment we must be focused on healing ourselves, not blaming others.  The question to ask ourselves is “what is the source of these feelings?” because our pain body is allowing us to be hurt over and over again.  Today heal your mind, body and soul……release those hurtful thoughts and replace them with loving ones.

Iyanla Vanzant said “You cannot force someone else to see your pain.  Your pain is your pain.  It is the result of what you are telling yourself about yourself, about others, about situations, or circumstances.  It is not necessary for anyone to see, know or understand that you are hurting… know!  Your experience is the only motivation required to let you know that something must change.  That something is you. When you are in pain, you must take responsibility for the elimination of your own pain.