Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be honest with yourself…….take responsibility for your choices.   Your life is a reflection of you and everything that you experience validates both what is good, and where you may still have work to do on yourself.  Until we are ready to accept complete responsibility for our lives, life will keep sending us experiences that are designed to get our attention. These experiences are sent to say “wake up” there is more for you to learn. 

There is a vast difference between accepting the blame and accepting responsibility; when you are trying to escape blame and punishment within a challenging situation,  it will lead you to speak about others and blame them.  Yet when you are willing to accept responsibility for your choices and decisions then it leads to self-evaluation and correction.  A delicate balance between humility and will allows us to build enduring greatness in our lives.

Robin Sharma said ” The people or circumstances that take you out of your power have extraordinary value; they reveal your limiting beliefs, fears and false assumptions.  As you begin to shed light on your personal weaknesses and take responsibility for them, you actually begin the process of shedding them.  Shadows exposed to the light begin to disappear. You become stronger. More powerful. More of who you are meant to be. People can evolve into their greatness……The things that irritate and annoy us are entry points into our evolution and elevation as a human being.”