Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……….every day of our lives we have the opportunity to make our own choices and to live authentically.  We make choices about many things but most importantly we make a choice about how we will engage with the world; we can be positive and contributing good energy to those we meet, or we can be negative and find ourselves sucking the goodness out of every situation.  When we find ourselves doing the latter, it is a sign that is telling us to wake up, to become aware again of the effect that we create as we move through our days. 

Thoughts have no power over us unless we believe them and act on them……so we need to choose thoughts that nourish and support us.  Remember those times when you have felt good about yourself and how well your life was going?  Well whatever you put your attention on, grows… talk about what you like, what you want  and what you dream of, not the opposite, because that will take you down a road that leads to the past, and a time when you were not showing love to yourself.  Loving ourselves simply means that we have respect and gratitude for the miracle of our bodies and minds and that we show appreciation for all that we are, by being all that we are.

Don Miguel Ruiz said “Common sense is wisdom, and wisdom is different than knowledge.  You are wise when you no longer act against yourself.  You are wise when you live in harmony with yourself, with your own kind, with all of creation.”