Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Your ability to trust has a profound effect on your life…… resides in you and it is a decision, a reflection of what you have decided to believe.  Our life experiences tell us that we will encounter people who we place our trust in and then they betray that trust in some way……our anger will more than likely be directed at ourselves than at them.  We are angry that we trusted someone who didn’t deserve it, and yet we cannot take that experience and allow it to erode our trust in the human spirit.  Progress always involves risk and you can only accomplish in proportion to what you attempt.

Recognize that every time you experience envy, jealousy, or mistrust it is a sign that you have moved away from trusting and loving yourself; and in your heart you do not believe that what you are and who you are is enough and so you transfer those feelings to the people in your life.  We cannot have, what we do not give and the world will always reflect that to us.  In essence, we do not see the world as it is……….but as we are, and so ultimately we are the stewards in our lives and we must believe, speak and live our truth.

Iyanla Vanzant said ” Trust is a simple process.  Either you trust or you don’t trust.  You either trust yourself or you don’t trust yourself.  When you don’t trust yourself, you will not trust other people.  When you do not trust other people, you cannot trust the process of living or loving in which other people are involved, you cannot live openly or fully. Trust is knowing that what you believe in is real for you.”