Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Live fully and deeply……….when life is smooth and steady we tend to live it at a superficial level.  When life is tough we tend to turn to reflection and  introspection to learn the lesson and be able to do better next time.  We are conditioned to think that tough times are to be avoided, and yet our greatest challenges become our best teachers for they serve to open our minds and deepen our living experience.  There are patterns in every life…..and teachers who appear to help us learn the lessons that we need to learn. The choice is up to us.

 If we can take responsibility for the patterns in our life, then we can grow and improve with that awareness.  But if we look outward and point the finger of blame towards others then we will continue to experience those patterns in progressively more painful ways.  Do not look outside for what must be considered inwardly…….taking personal responsibility for your life, will always lead you to a better place.

Robin Sharma said ” There are three final questions, important considerations at the end of your life, why not exercise the personal bravery to make them your most important considerations today…..They’re simply – Did I live wisely? Did I love well? and Did I serve greatly?  We are born to present our gifts to the world…but the way it’s set up is that before you can shine as a person and I mean really shine, you must do the interior work.