Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Environment always matters……you cannot live authentically if you are living or working in an environment that doesn’t allow for the free exchange of opinions, ideas, and beliefs.  Innovation and creativity cannot flourish in a place that is controlled tightly; where people defend and justify what is rather than open their minds to what could be..

The goal in life is to realize and nurture our growth opportunities both personal and professional and to be able to assess whether we are in an environment that is conducive to us achieving them.  Our choices must be holistic in that they must all come together to serve and support our vision for ourselves.  So strong, independent and dynamic people need an environment that encourages and solicits their contributions. Demonstrative, giving individuals must be in an environment that promotes reciprocity and so the give and take of the relationships within is seamless. 

Robin Sharma said “You will become your surroundings….so choose them well.  The people you associate with and the conversations that you have profoundly shape your thinking and your actions.  Be with people greater than you are and you will become a greater person.  Fill your home with great books and you will rise to meet the promise and possibilities they offer.  Place yourself in and around the best and you will become it.  Your environment becomes you.”