Thought for the Day ~ Destiny Draws

Strong convictions precede great actions………..more people fail not for lack of ability but for lack of purpose.  We all need something that grounds us, that moves us to attempt great things, and keeps us inspired to strive for more.  We were made with a purpose and a destiny and discovering it is one of the key instruments to our success.  Because the person who has no direction is a slave to their circumstances, and in the absence of vision there can be no clear and constant focus.  Decisions fuel our spirit and they give us the power to decide the direction of our days and our lives. 

Destiny draws and as you reach for yours it will pull you to it.  So be conscious of the people and the experiences that come your way.  Each one of them is a messenger that lights the way forward and pulls you to a purpose and your mission. 

To raise our level of consciousness we must become aware of how we see our days – if we see them as one continuous stream of activity that just rewinds and plays again the next day, then we have not found our purpose.  We have not paid attention to what has crossed our path. Remember when life baffles and confuses……it is just tapping on your shoulder to remind you that you are missing something really important…..could it be your purpose?

Cheryl Richardson said “There are no coincidences. Every event we experience and every person we meet has intentionally been put in our path to help raise our level of consciousness .”

By Executive Coach – Lisa Scott