Thought for the Day ~ Random Acts of Kindness

Always do your best…….to be the best human being that you can be.  If our soul and spirit is the only thing we are taking with us…..then it ought to be the best thing about us.  That means that we need to live consciously, and in doing so we must always treat people with respect and dignity, cause as little damage as possible, and truly work to leave people better than we find them.  People like being around those who are upbeat, positive, happy and confident.  It is most definitely contagious…..and a smile and a little compassion will always take you farther than a complaint and a sour mood. 

People with momentum naturally attract criticism.  How you respond to that criticism will determine the rate of your momentum.   While it can be beneficial to receive constructive criticism from those who have your best interests at heart, we are not responsible for responding to those who don’t.  Stay focused on what you have to do….and don’t let the detractors take you off your game.  Give your energy to pursuing your goals, and helping others to do the same.  A smile, a few words of genuine encouragement, a strong show of support all contribute to the creation of loving energy.  Today, only think good thoughts, behave positively, and bring a smile to each interaction.  Each human being presents us with an opportunity to serve.  Everybody needs help from somebody…….so be that beacon of light.  Always stay dedicated to being the best that you can be.

Robin Sharma said “Every day, be kind to a stranger……all too often, we believe that in order to live a truly fulfilling life we must achieve some great act or grand feat that will put us on the front covers of magazines and newspapers. Nothing could be further from the truth.  A meaningful life is made up of a series of daily acts of decency  and kindness, which, ironically, add up to something truly great over the course of a lifetime.  Everyone who enters your life has a lesson to teach and a story to tell.  Every person you pass during the moments that make up your days represents an opportunity to show  a little more of the compassion and courtesy that define your humanity.   Kindness quite simply is the rent we must pay for the space we occupy on the planet.”

By Executive Coach – Lisa Scott