Thought for the Day ~ Don’t push the river

Don’t push the river…….for some it is their greatest challenge, to go with the flow, to feel the gentleness of life, to be present for all of life’s glory.  And you know as soon as you are in their presence…..they are frenetic, and seemed poised for flight as if they have an inability to just sit and be peaceful.  In doing this, they feel a tension within themselves, to push, to make things happen faster, and to struggle with their own thoughts that seem to hover between fear and fierce competition.  At the end of their days, these people are no better for their herculean efforts, and moreover they have missed the bliss.

The bliss  and pure joy in our lives, resides in our ability to be present.  To savour the moments and to drink in the beauty that surrounds  us.  It peeks out when we are on a morning walk or run.  It settles in to a day in nature and reminds us of the magnificent world we live in.  It is found in the comfort of good friends, precious family, and loving arms.  Ego tries to complicate your self-concept and life, twisting it into a complex mesh of unrecognizable scenery.  So exhale and let go, and you will feel the release.  Life is simple, and so is love.  It just is……if you, will just be.  

Robin Sharma said “Stop struggling and start being.  Struggle breeds stress, and stress is a great barrier to living in a state of grace, ease, and flow.  The kind of state you need to be in to attract your best life to you.  When I was in the corporate world, all I saw were people struggling, pushing and trying.  There was too much doing and not enough being.  The laws of nature don’t work that way.  To grow a flower, there is no struggle or trying, it just happens.  It’s a lovely unfolding thing that takes place.  To try to push the flower to grow just kills the thing.  And yet that’s what we are inclined to do in our lives.  You can’t push life, you need to let it flow.  And if you don’t get this point and you stay in the struggle, you’re basically going against the rules of nature.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Coach