Thought for the Day ~ Don’t push the River

If you want a great life…..then stop pushing the river. Too often we are moving so fast and in so many directions that we could best describe some days as frantic.  Trouble with that is that frantic leads to untold stress.  We are busy because we choose to be; our mind is racing, because our body is racing.  In this state we are largely running on adrenalin, so we are constantly looking for quick fixes to big issues.  Tension comes with who you think you should be.  Relaxation resides with who you are.  The goal then is to have how you think, what you say, and what you do be in harmony. 

Worry and fear will guide you to continuously make change in your life… endless search for happiness “out there” when real happiness resides in you. You must make your choices, and they must be made with the guidance of your heart.  You know what you value, what you need, and what you must do to align to those desires. A flower planted and nourished with food and water, grows.  You must treat your life the same way, not with non-stop stress through constant change but by gently nurturing your life so that flows.  The pleasure you seek is attained the instant you allow yourself to enjoy the gift that is already given to you.  The gift of today….

Robin Sharma said “Flow through life more, then life will flow through you.  Live in a state of calm surrender, going with what life has in store for you.  Stop fighting your life, making your happiness conditional on things looking a certain way.  Ironically, when you do so, you life will begin to improve and true happiness will flow to you.  Stop trying to analyze every event as good or bad and just experience it.  That is the path to mastery; detachment from outcomes.  Don’t let the best hours of your life escape you. Get out of the struggle and into the energy that really runs the world. The things you run toward will run away from you. So rather than fight it, unite with it, and stop trying so hard to get what you want in life.  The more you stop worrying about the way your life should turn out, the more your life will turn out just fine.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Coach