Thought for the Day ~ Keep the discipline of self-renewal

Strive for excellence………and always keep the discipline of self-renewal.  That means beyond working hard…..and sleeping the sleep of the exhausted……there must be time for reflection, release, and renewal. We must unplug from one world and plug in fully to our lives……we need to nurture and cherish the moments that will never pass this way again.  With awareness we are brought face to face with the fact that we are often just skimming the trees…..we are not walking in the forest…..breathing the clean air…..or taking the moments of stillness whose only companion is a ray of sunlight dancing in the trees. 

We are rushed….and frenetic about all that we try to fit in to 24 hours….but we give no energy or effort to being present and drinking in the goodness of each moment. So life picks up speed. Our learning and growing in life is not  only measured by the speed with which we do things… is also measured by what we do.  As life sends us lessons…..our growth is born out of the actions we take and the changes we make in our behaviour. 

Reflection allows us to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the tough questions……and then move forward with a commitment to changing.  We are not here to pursue perfection, that is a waste of time and energy and it is a quest that closes our mind and spirit to the beauty that is all around us.  We are here to strive for our own personal excellence…..and the only competition we should be in… with ourselves.  Success  comes to us when we can achieve results and peace in the midst of LIFE……

Robin Sharma said “Do not be so busy striving…..that you miss out on living.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Coach