Thought for the Day ~ Take care of yourself

Doing your best…….means practicing self-care.  As adults we are faced with many responsibilities that compete for our attention.  Some days seem like a juggling act, as we try to pay attention to the important things and juggle the rest.  When we get to the point where we can no longer keep all the balls in the air, we do our best to cope.  Trouble is, we don’t ask for help,  we don’t reach out for emotional support,  and we don’t admit how we’re feeling.  Unfortunately we stuff those feelings and soldier on in spite of what our bodies and emotions may be telling us.  It seems to be standing operating procedure among human beings to act as if everything is all right, all of the time. Yet nothing destroys our sense of self-worth and self-love faster than denying what we feel.

When we ignore our feelings, we are ostensibly ignoring our guidance system.  Feelings let us know when things aren’t as they should be, they let us know when something needs to change, and so they contribute immensely to our well being. When we deny what we feel, we are not grounded.  We will let our guard down and it will often be to our own detriment.  If you keep the channels clear by allowing the full expression of your being, your emotional essence develops and matures.  When you stifle your feelings, it makes it more difficult to read situations accurately and you find yourself making assumptions that just aren’t true.  The key to a healthy emotional essence is to always acknowledge what you feel. So today make a list of the things that you feel deprived of……and plan to do something about it.  Practice extreme self-care!

Cheryl Richardson said “When you feel burdened, do you do the opposite of what a human being needs to do?  Instead of clearing the decks, asking for help, and giving yourself room to breathe, you fall into a pattern of self-neglect.  Rather than asking yourself what you need, you shift into overdrive and immerse yourself in the needs of others.  When faced with a crisis do you revert back to old coping habits? Are you the person who takes on too much and complains about it afterward? All this will do is leave you feeling empty and resentful.  Perhaps it’s time to put an end to the legacy of deprivation.” 

By Lisa Scott Executive Coach