Thought for the Day ~ Don’t Serve Fear as Side Dish

Always do your best……….dedicate yourself to excellence in all that you do. The mind is a wonderful thing; at one moment brilliant and at another it is creating drama. The trouble occurs when we stay inside our heads, ruminating about our lives, choices and experiences. If you never leave the drama that you create in your mind then it will become your prison. It will stop you from taking risks. It will prevent you from boldly stepping out into your next adventure. It will keep you in relationships and friendships that no longer serve you. Because our minds serve fear as a side dish with every main event. We must learn to calm the noise in our heads and to trust the belief that resides in our heart.

Clarity always precedes mastery. So we need to be clear about where we are going, what we hope for, and what we stand for. We need to love ourselves enough to want the best in our lives. With increasing sensitivity to our life experience we can assume responsibility for managing any energies that we have absorbed. There is no need to take on the negative energy of anyone around you. Harmonious relationships are founded on mutual honesty and trust. When you can genuinely open up to one another then you know that you are loved for who you truly are. Only you know what your heart and spirit are guiding you to do and become…..own those dreams because they are part of your soul’s path.

Robin Sharma said “The mental chatter that fills most people’s minds is mostly about why we shouldn’t do something and the adverse consequences of failure. The mind all too often keeps us small. The heart and emotions are the liberators. They cause us to step up to the plate and reach for greatness. They create excitement and passion and invite our biggest selves to come out to play. Once you know your main aim in life – it will serve as a north star for you. Guiding you through both good and bad times.”

By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach