Thought for the Day ~ Shine your Light

Always do your best……… with intelligence, compassion, and authenticity.  It is easy to see when we are out of alignment with the universe.   One thing after another seems to be saying – this world needs to change and in order for that to happen, we need to change.   To succeed in this life, everything must be an expression of who we truly are. The more you distance yourself from your inner light, and the knowledge of what it takes to be a stellar human being, the more out of alignment you become and so the flow of life is challenged. The essence of being truly grateful for this beautiful planet and the gift of life is lost.

Doing your best, means going beyond where you are now.  It means making a contribution to your community, and the world.  We are all connected and part of a larger whole.  So be a part of the solution, and stand up and be counted when it comes to matters of peace, environment, and treating people well. Change comes with investing in life and genuinely wanting things to get better for everyone.  We must make a difference and shine our light. None of us inherited this earth, we are simply the guardians for the next generation.  Peace begins with each one of us….  our willingness to keep evolving, so that we may find our way home to pure love.

Rebecca Campbell said “With the planet in the state that it is, we cannot continue the way we have been.  Mother Earth is calling forth a new awakening of consciousness in order for us to survive on this magnificent planet we call home.  A shift from aggression to compassion, from fact to truth, from fear to love, from separateness to oneness, from unquestioned dogma to faith, from left brain to right, from war to peace, from force to flow, from unconsciousness to consciousness, and from unquestioned linear processes to lateral solutions. We each have a light within us waiting to guide us home.  Our soul purpose is to shine this unique light in a way that only we can.  In doing so, we spark something in another and inspire them to do the same.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Coach @ Scott & Associates Consulting Group