Thought for the Day ~ Enjoying Life is a Choice

Always do your best……..each day holds new magic.  If you’re open to it, and just as there are no low risk, high return investments.  We cannot be negative and then find the positive.  We cannot complain and be impossibility thinkers and then believe in possibility. You have to decide to be on the side of Angels.  Sure we all have those times when we feel beastly, but we cannot indulge the beast not if we want to be doing our best.  We must dig deep in those moments and reconnect with home base.  Home base is where your authentic self resides.  The one who wants to return to the freedom of believing. The belief in yourself and your ability to achieve anything. 

Then with the imagination and hope of a child you can claim your dreams and moreover you can pursue them actively.  The adult inside you needs to always remember that every action you take, every decision you make, everything you do causes an immediate effect on those around you and on you. There is such a thing as instant karma. While we all know people who have made it and are pretty vile; inside these people are sad, lonely, and frightened.  Don’t mistake constant busyness for achievement.  Slow down, and then with mindful patience you will discover humility and the essence of who you truly are. Today make time to stand still and to just be present…… treasure every moment, for it will not come again.

Dr Wayne Dyer said ” Each problem is an opportunity in disguise.  If things aren’t working, ask yourself, In what way am I creating this? In what way can I change? What is the lesson? Life presents itself to you and asks nothing of you.  You can take life and swim deliriously through it, or you can fight it.  But when you elect to spend your time fighting it, you can’t use the same time to enjoy it.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach