Thought for the Day ~ Stand in Your Power

Always do your best…….stand in your power.  If you let it life will toss you around like you’re in a little boat on a stormy sea. So we need to take a moment to look through the window of our lives and determine if we are holding onto our personal power or are we letting life pummel us with every move.  The real question to ask … is how hard are you making your life?  Some people will let every little thing that happens in their life, become a big thing…..this usually starts with taking things personally.  If people are rude, if they are less than honest, if they are manipulative, if they are cruel; you cannot let them get under your skin. You have to see it for what it is, that their actions, their choices say so much more about them, than they do about you.

If their actions have a profound impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence then you are believing that what they do is because of you.  Your ego has confused their actions and choices as an attack on you.  When you allow yourself to be knocked about by the words, actions, and choices of others you are not standing in your power.  You are giving your power away.  You are in some small way believing that the other person’s behaviour is about you.  It isn’t. It is about their inability to form meaningful relationships and to treat people well.  Let that be their karma. Today stand in your power.  Don’t let the actions of others take you off your game.  You are here to be the best version of yourself. So shine your light and let no one dim its brilliance, not for one minute.  Listen to your own heart, it will never lie to you.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Life is not hard.  Life is a process.  Life distributes itself equally among all living people.  While all things in life are equal, all things in life are not equally distributed to all people.  We are talking here about conditions.  Not the essence of life itself.  Some people  have a little more of this, while others have a lot less of it.  Some people are given opportunities that others must work to get and others may never get.  These are conditions.  They are situations and experiences.  They are not the essence of life itself. What you tell yourself about your ability to do ore or all of these things at any given time determines how hard life will be for you.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach