Thought for the Day ~ Just Breathe

Nurture your mind, body, and soul………..breathe in deeply.  At times we feel like all the energy has drained out of us.  We have lost our spirit and our soul to the worries and stresses of day to day living.  We can’t seem to get out of our heads, so the drama continues.  In these moments we must remember the power of our breath. We must be conscious of how we are breathing because when we feel negative energy, very often we have shallow breathing to accompany it.  Breathing that reinforces our negative feelings and lack of energy.  So we must take the time to close our eyes, and breathe in deeply and exhale.  Three deep cleansing breaths will change how you are thinking and feeling….they will restore your spirit.

In moments of serenity and deep breathing we give ourselves the gift of life.  We reconnect with our authentic selves and we restore our sense of well being.  Most importantly we are reminded of what truly matters, that the gift in life is life.  People will disappoint you, business will change, days will start off wobbly but breathing reminds us that we can’t always be running to something or from something.  The best journeys are not always in straight lines and very often failure is another chance to get it right.  Today allow yourself some time for quiet meditation….breathe deeply and be present in that moment.  Meditation is not about going to another place….it is about developing a true awareness of the here and now.  

Rebecca Campbell said “Do not underestimate the healing potential of the simple action of taking a breath. It’s the easiest and most natural part of life.  So many of us go about our day taking shallow sips without air even reaching our bellies.  If you feel stuck, tired, stressed, or afraid….just change your breath.  It brings in the life force and get things moving. To breathe deeply is to gulp in life.  To breathe consciously is to say to the universe, I am here and I am ready to receive. Breathing in deeply  can transform any stagnation or stuck energy.  You can feel your spirit coming back.”

 By Executive/Life Coach Lisa Scott