Thought for the Day ~ Live a Life of Purpose

Live a life of purpose………discovery lies not over the horizon, but in the landscape before us.  It exists in our developing new ways of looking at it. If we can experience life as a series of moments then we will not be in such a rush  for it to be over. If we can find joy in the simple things, if we can find the sweetness that resides in each and every day then we can begin to live a life of purpose.  Such a life is not found in things it is found in the rich and loving relationships that we have around us.  It is found when we share the marvels of nature.  It is found when we discover that what we give to this life, is what we get.  

Giving a hand to someone who needs it; opens our hearts a little and as we share more of ourselves and our love, our hearts open more.  So today as the sun peaks at you, dedicate a moment to yourself and your place in the day.  Open your heart; close down judgment, and know that we all have an equal share in what is possible.  It is how humans have flourished even in our darkest hours.  Look around you now, at the things that bring you joy, perhaps even the things you take for granted.  Be grateful for the love in your life; share that love, be that love, and bring that love with you each day.  We cannot appreciate the bliss in our lives, if we do not experience the valleys from time to time.  So know that when life is in the shadows; it will return to the sunlight, and so will you.  Love is your shelter, so come in from the rain.

Robin Sharma said “All too often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they spend their days striving to get the things that will make them happy rather than having the wisdom to realize that happiness is not a place you reach but a state you create. Happiness and a life of deep fulfillment come when you commit yourself, from the very core of your soul, to spending your highest human talents on a purpose that makes a difference in other’s lives. When all the clutter is stripped away from your life, its true meaning will become clear; to live for something more than yourself.  Stated simply, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

The Thought for the Day is a daily blog written by Executive/Life Coach Lisa Scott

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