Thought for the Day ~ Love yourself unconditionally

Always do your best………believe you can, and you will.  Henry Ford coined the phrase “Say you can or say you can’t, either way you’ll be right.”  It is so true, what we believe about ourselves and our ability to cope with life’s peaks and valleys is accurate.  When we handle life by complaining we are in resistance.  We are not accepting the present moment.  When we say “this is hard” – that translates into “I don’t like this” and then that is the energy that goes ahead of us into our day.  Every morning as you begin a new day, you have the opportunity to make new choices and to love yourself enough to believe that everything is possible.  You can let go of the struggle within and just be present to receive the flow of life.

But when you push the river…..when you try to go in multiple directions at the same time, when you continually ask for advice but take no action, you create intense pressure for yourself.  So stop telling your story.  Think about how you can create the life you want and what action you will need to take to make it happen.  There can be no peace in your valley until you accept what is, and move forward from there with confidence and love.  Life is simple, and so is love.  It is your mind that sabotage’s your way  by making you think that life is made better by external factors.  In truth life is made better, because you choose to be strong, you choose to accept what is, and with love in your heart you live fully in the moment.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.  said “Stay strong in times of adversity……Over the course of our lives, situations will arise that can sometimes seem insurmountable.  When I’m faced with obstacles and life seems really difficult, my unconditional love for myself gives me the strength to continue.  I greet the ups and downs of life’s journey with unconditional love for myself and the people in my life by understanding that I am only truly alive in the present moment; the future is a projection that does not yet exist.  As long as there is life, everything is possible.  Only through love can you overcome obstacles with peace.”