Thought for the Day ~ True Love

Real love matters…….because when you choose it, it tells the world how much you love yourself……

Do you manage your life through fear or through love?  When life throws us a few curve balls we can get into the habit of indulging our fears through being upset and worried about everything.  We confuse where our real happiness resides and so we place ourselves in a holding pattern.  Believing that if we don’t make any grand changes in our life, we can somehow reclaim ourselves and the life we knew.  Once we give fear attention it seems like everything goes wrong.  As if life is somehow against us. The same is true for love.  When we love ourselves enough to live our best life, we realize the difference between a loving relationship that satisfies our soul, and an arrangement that keeps the appearances of being together.

When you do not stand in the truth of what you know about your life.  Life just keeps sending you lessons.  Because we cannot be fully present in our loving, if we are wondering if we should stay or go without hurting or being hurt.  We are not being authentic if we cannot tell the absolute truth about who we are, what we need, and what we want.  In relationships, it is quite possible to stay long after it is healthy or wise to do so.  We do damage to our  spirit when we deny what our soul requires.  Suffering carries a message that is demanding your attention.  The gift lies in how you lift yourself away from the pain.  So be gentle, nurture your sensitive soul and feeling heart.  Listen to your heart because it recognizes a true heart connection and it will gently lead you to it.

Louise Hay said “Observe your fears and recognize that you are not them.  Our fears will come and go, unless we insist on holding on to them.  Fear is a limitation of our minds.  Anger is fear that becomes a defense mechanism.  It protects you and yet it would become much more powerful for you to do affirmations so that you can stop recreating fearful situations in your mind, and love yourself through the fear.  Nothing comes from outside of us.  We are at the centre of everything that happens in our lives.  Everything is inside.  Every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us.  Fear is the opposite of love.”