Thought for the Day ~ Me, Myself, and I

Me, myself, and I………… our best life depends heavily on our ability to self-actualize.  Our lives are divided into compartments, our work, our family and friends, our community, and our relationships.  The people that have it together, pay attention to all the dimensions of their lives.  They frequently step back and take inventory to see whether they are living in harmony. They don’t excel in one area and fail in another, because you cannot fill yourself up by placing all your focus on one dimension of your life.

Looking in the mirror of self, comes down to being able to accept responsibility for our choices and the experiences that they generate.  Your heart knows what your mind won’t or cannot absorb.  You know exactly when your inner voice began to whisper that all was not well in your world.  If you ignored the whisper, it became louder, it gave you more experiences to teach you the lesson.  Sometimes the lesson is to love and accept yourself.  At other times it is asking you to make different choices that better honour your spirit.  Today express your joy about being you.  Take care of me, myself, and I. 

Iyanla Vanzant said “There comes a moment for each of us, a definitive moment, when we are compelled to assess where we are, and where we are going.  In that moment, we must come clean with ourselves about what we say, what we do, and whether or not the two are aligned.  Depending on our internal response to this experience, we will either volunteer or be forced to take a long hard look at how we are showing up in the world.  When done with humility and integrity, self-examination and self-reflection lead us to the brink of greatness. Once on the brink, we are called forth to jump, to make the necessary changes that will ultimately change our state of being.”