Thought for the Day ~ Pay it Forward Today

Always do your best……….accept the present moment, and be optimistic about what it has to offer.  Although it’s exciting to look forward to the future, consistent and continual joy comes from cherishing the present moment.  If you think back to the times when you’ve worried, you’ll see how those fears never materialized.  In truth, there never is anything that merits being that anxious, because the time, energy, and emotions spent on worrying usually exceeds any actual issue that could arise.

Fear rises as a pattern in our lives when we let go of loving ourselves unconditionally.  When instead of living life we run an obstacle course of our own making.  That course is constructed with our judgement, our fears, and our impossibility thinking.  With awareness we can see the patterns in our life.  We can see how we keep playing that very short film, that always has the same ending. So today, believe in happy endings.  Know that you will change your life experience if you can love yourself without conditions.  Because some defeats are an installment to victory.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.  said “While life has every right to say no to our endeavours, too many times we say no to ourselves preemptively when we think things like, “I can’t do it.”  In this way,  we are judging and rejecting ourselves before life has had a chance to express a choice.  The way out is through un-conditional self-love.  Loving ourselves unconditionally gives us the opportunity to enjoy the greatest love of our life – ourselves.  In this way we respect ourselves by being willing to try new things.  When life says no to us, as it inevitably will, we respect that without judgment.  But who knows, life might just say yes.”