Thought for the Day ~ Rekindle Harmony

Rekindle harmony……… is so easy to point our finger and lay blame at the feet of circumstance or of those around you when life takes an unexpected turn.  But we must connect to our inner spirit and remind ourselves how important it is to get out of our minds, and into living our lives.  Moments of solitude are meant to rejuvenate and refresh our energy.  They are meant to be our path back to harmony and peace.  Sadly, many of us use our moments of solitude to torment ourselves, and to beat ourselves up. Somehow believing that dwelling on something will change it…..only good intention coming into contact with your soul will make things right.

Recognize that harmony is rekindled when we move back into our lives  and take action.  Not just any action, but the actions that will support your values and the dream you have for your life.  Sitting and feeling sorry for yourself only intensifies the feelings that are raging in your mind.  You must bring those feelings out of the darkness and into the light.  There they never seem quite so ominous nor out of control.  Once our feelings come into the light……they will also feel the love that we have for ourselves and  then we can return to harmony.  So remember, a smile is an asset; a frown is a liability.  Some of us will “grin and bear it” others will smile and face it.  Smiling, being happy, and enthusiastic is always a choice, not a result.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “While I love spending time with others, I also love being alone and enjoying the communion of my personal dream.  That’s good news.  Because if I didn’t enjoy being with myself, that would make for a difficult life, as I am the only person who is with me all the time.  In the moments when you are alone and experience suffering, realize that only you can be causing it.  How can you rekindle harmony?  One way is to reengage yourself with the things that make you happy.  Simply put, doing what you love is a path that leads straight out of suffering. Remember, that is the point of all of this work: to enjoy life.  It starts by enjoying the relationship you have with yourself.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach