Thought for the Day ~ Time for Renewal

Remember…..the power is always within you.  As we draw close to spring time, nature begins to remind us it is a time of renewal, growth, and beauty.  A time for nature to nurture herself…..and time for you to do the same.  Some of us make resolutions, and commitments at the beginning of each year, but if we don’t make any internal changes then our commitments to ourselves fall away.  If our body is our temple then we must remember the importance of maintaining the outside so that it serves us long and well.   It is equally important to nurture the inside and do the mental work so that we are emotionally strong.  Sometimes that is as simple as practicing self-honesty.

For self-honesty is the cornerstone of self-awareness, which in turn is the foundation of self-love.  When you know who you are, then you can better accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Too often we are hardest on ourselves, so be gentle, view yourself with the same compassion you would extend to a child.  Recognize when your choices and decisions are being made by your wounded child, or some other pain body that you have taken on.  That wounded child, that grief stricken adult have a benevolent caretaker and it is you.  When we know better, we do better, so provide some guidance and love to yourself today…..have a magical day.

Louise Hay said “Any changes that we are going to make in our lives, have to come from within ourselves.  Change means that we free ourselves from feelings of isolation, separation, loneliness, anger, fear, and pain.  We create lives filled with wonderful peacefulness, where we can relax and enjoy life as it comes to us, where we know that everything will be all right.  I like to use the premise that Life is wonderful, all is perfect in my world, and I always move into greater good.  In that way, it doesn’t matter to me which direction my life takes, because I know it’s going to be wonderful.  Therefore I can enjoy all sorts of situations and circumstances.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Life Coach