Thought for the Day ~ Follow your dreams

Always do your best…….let go of the things that no longer serve you.  Sometimes we live to the old adage, better to stay with the evil I know, than the one I don’t, and in the process we send ourselves into stagnation.  We settle for less than what we want for ourselves in this life and we remove any possibility of realizing our personal goals and dreams.  Remember, fear will stop you in your tracks and send you back the way you came. You will run to your comfort zone and cling to the very things that you want to change.  Indecision is debilitating, and it feeds upon itself.  Because of indecision, you can die before you’re actually dead. 

You can resign yourself to a life that is familiar, rather than the life you want.  So,  we need to step out in faith, push through our fears, and be willing to experience the discomfort of new things, circumstances, and people. Results and success follow commitment and decisions.    We must never give up on what we know we must do.  Failure awaits us on that path.  When faithfulness is most difficult, it is most necessary, because the trying times, are no time for us to quit.  Each of us has the potential and opportunity for success.  It takes just as much effort to lead an unproductive life, as it does an effective life, and it always costs us more not to do what we know in our hearts we must do.  Life’s heaviest burden is to have nothing to carry.

Iyanla Vanzant said “When you are attached to the way things are, it is very difficult to put your faith in anything else. You do not trust yourself to risk experiencing anything other than what you already know.  You do not trust life to bring you the results or rewards you desire.  You do not trust that you can and will handle whatever comes your way.  Without trust, there can be no faith.  Without faith, you will hold onto what you know.  In the process, you will not make any progress.  Just for today open your heart to the possibility that there is something great waiting for you.  Be devoted to stretching your faith beyond what you know.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive Coach