Thought for the Day ~ You get what you Give….

Always do your best……….we all want to live healthy, happy, lives.  So we must be committed to finding the goodness in our day to day living.  It’s important to want what you have, to be content for a moment with where you are, and to drink in the moments so that they fill your memory banks with the simple pleasure of just being alive.  While great achievements are always possible.  They will be out of reach if you do not learn to love where you are before you get where you are going.  To attach your happiness to a future result is like taking away your daily bliss.

It can be habit forming to talk about what’s wrong, what you don’t have, or what you don’t have enough of.  But it will never serve you to do so. When we focus on the negatives in our lives, it’s as if we place an order with the universe for more of the same.  Laughter cannot come to a person who never smiles.  Love can never come to someone who does not offer it.  Trust can only be found when you trust others.  And goodness in life can only be enjoyed when you take the time to be grateful for and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.  Today be content with where your life is now.  Appreciate the goodness and the opportunities that you experience.  With gratitude for what is…..we are ready to receive what will be.

Robin Sharma said “Most of us miss out on life’s big prizes.  The Pulitzer, Nobel, Oscars, Emmys, and sports trophies.  But we are all eligible for life’s small pleasures.  A pat on the back.  A kiss behind the ear.  A four pound bass.  A full moon.  An empty parking space.  A crackling fire.  A great meal.  A glorious sunset.  Hot soup. Cold beer. A glass of wine.  Don’t fret about getting life’s grand rewards.  Enjoy its tiny delights.  There are plenty for all of us.  Happiness does not arise when you achieve certain things.  It comes when you think certain thoughts.  Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind that you create by the way you process and interpret the events of your life.”

 By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Coach