Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous day and enjoy your weekend. Namaste


With awareness we can truly stand in our power…… choosing how we respond to our lives, rather than just reacting. Mindfulness is a tool to help us make sense of what is happening on any given day. It is a way for us to filter our thoughts and ensure that they are not distorted or based on assumptions. When we just react to issues and circumstances, we are more likely to give our emotions free reign and that is where we can get in trouble. So we must use mindfulness to recognize when our emotions are making our choices and making us feel worse instead of better. Sometimes, we wait for motivation to kick in before we will act…….when in fact we need to take action and then motivation will kick in.

If you can claim how you’re feeling, then you can claim another feeling, one that serves you better. One that allows you to make informed, decisions from a place of strength. But if we always allow external conditions to drive our feelings then our default will be set to react not respond. It’s not what happens to us that makes our life, it is always how we respond. Today, choose wisely, be in nature if you need to find peace. For in those moments of peace the heart and mind can find stillness. It can realize the opportunity to step out of its usual perspective where new possibilities and ways forward will present themselves. Life flows with you, if you think it does.

Iyanla Vanzant said “If what you’re thinking doesn’t make you feel good, change that thought. If what you are feeling, doesn’t make you feel better, change the feeling. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel worthy, change the deed. Feeling bad has a way of luring us into complacency. We begin to accept that this is the way it is always going to be, that what is going on, is out of our control. This is true, to a point. You can’t change what is going on  outside of you; however, you can always change what you do in response.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach