Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday! Have a great day and remember to always start your day with gratitude.



Every day provides us with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves……….to capture a glimpse of who we are and to understand what we bring to each day with our presence. We carry success or failure within ourselves. It does not depend on outside conditions. Too often we give our power away to circumstances or people who have affected our lives and then we keep using those moments in time to explain why we are not moving forward. Those are excuses not valid reasons and they are fear driven……somehow we have decided that unless life is one long experience of goodness…that we have failed, not so the peaks and valleys of your life will have such rich learning if you will just look for the lessons. Success really is obtained by doing what you do best; by committing to taking chances, by going out on limb and realizing your dreams and by finding your passion and going for it. Your passion is catching, and if you believe in you, so will others. Robin Sharma said “Life has a gracious beauty to it – the sad times improve us and lead us to the good, while the good times show us the fullness of our possibilities and offer us the blessings to be appreciated…..most importantly there is the realization that nothing very good or very bad ever lasts for very long.”


Lisa Scott

Scott & Associates Consulting Group

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