Thought of the Day

Stay positive……….while some things are outside of your control…what is inside your control is how you choose to think about the events in your life. Your reactions to your life can either be classified as those of victim or victor. When you are in victim mode, you use catastrophic language to describe every day events. Your reaction to the little things that happen when the order of your day is threatened, when it doesn’t go as planned, sends you into a tail spin and you rail against the things you can’t control. You see the glass as half empty and you tell your story all day long to anyone who will listen to your woes and your fears……and none of that behaviour will solve any of your problems. Remember the fear of failure leads to failure. If you are in victor mode you refer to your life in positive, life affirming ways. Your language and mood are managed and you find the nuggets of goodness in your life experience. As a victor you inspire, and nourish your life with gratitude and with a realization that although you may have trials and tribulations, they will not last forever unless your mind chooses to keep them in a holding pattern of resistance. Wayne Dyer said “If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you’re residing on another planet, with a different reality system.”