Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Friday. Have a day of excellence and an amazing weekend. Enjoy.


Always do your best…… an authentic life. True bliss comes to us when we can accept and love ourselves for who we are. When we have fired the “they police” you know the ones that you check in with when you ask yourself…..”what will they think?” It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks….what matters is that you find your way home. Home is the place where you are free to be you every day. Home is a safe place where you are authentic, thriving, growing, and learning. It is the place where you can trust yourself and make decisions that will serve you. It is the place where you are in charge of your choices and standards. Society will try to convince you that you have to live a life of its choosing. 

It will use shame and blame to make you feel less than; and that you’re not quite keeping up with the standards of success. It will underscore the limitations and lack. Turn away from this constant nagging and give yourself over to authenticity. Claim your own version of a successful life and put your energy into living fully in that place. It is integral to your success that you work on loving yourself. With strong self-love, we find our rhythm and life begins to flow. We no longer have to push the river….we can experience life in all its purity and simplicity. The world is a beautiful place and we often miss its exquisite majesty when we are trying to keep up with the herd. That herd will try to convince you, that you are not enough. You know better, you are better, you are ENOUGH.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Many of us have spent years creating stories about ourselves based on other people’s ideas and expectations, then we struggle through life trying to live up to these false images that we agreed to. But there comes a point when you say to yourself, “this is who I am” no story needed. At that moment, you see your inherent imperfection, and this realization is all you need to enjoy life. From this new perspective, you can change your life in any direction you see fit, because you now have the freedom to choose. You have stopped trying to live up to someone else’s beliefs and ideals. You make changes from a place of self-love to express yourself and experience more of life. Because you know that there is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to attain; you are perfect exactly as you are.” 

By Lisa Scott ~  Executive Life Coach