Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Monday. Wishing you a great start to your week. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.


Always do your best……catch yourself when you are about to make assumptions or biased judgements. Notice where your default is set. Do you make assumptions and then judge people for what you believe that you see? It is easy for all of us to look at a situation and think that we know what is happening in it. But we don’t, we don’t have enough information to pass judgement just by looking at how people appear. Life is multi-faceted and so are people. So we do ourselves, and them a disservice, by believing that we know exactly what is happening just by watching them. It invariably leads to the dangerous realm of making assumptions and the negative energy of complaining and judging. Worse still we may take action based on these biased judgements. It’s important to note that we see the world as we are in it. 

We will experience the world based on how we conduct our lives and interact with others. The things that make us angry, always, reveals what must be healed. While some will talk about their feelings and promote healing. Others will use their anger as fuel and be insensitive to how they treat people, and how they communicate. If we listen to somebody attentively, we listen to their words,  and to the feelings that are being conveyed by those words. Then if we lean into the conversation further, we can better understand the whole heart of a person, not just a moment in time. When we stop judging and start appreciating people’s differences, we begin to learn from them and we often see that what we may have initially thought about a person isn’t accurate. The single biggest opportunity we have in life as human beings, is the ability to turn someone’s life around for the better. We do this by always asking…..what would love do now? Let today be an opportunity to find the good, heal the wounded, and build the confidence of everyone you meet.

Caroline Myss said “Honestly assess whether you’re a complainer. No matter whether you share your judgements and complaints with others or keep them to yourself, this tendency is a way of looking at a situation without seeing its potential blessings. Your goal to release the predilection to complain, and instead, see the positive side of things. This is a day for optimism only. No matter what comes your way, your task is to see the favourable attributes in it.”

 By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach