Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each day with gratitude. Have an amazing day. Enjoy.


Today’s Challenge: Stay Positive all day.

Always be learning, growing, and refining your skills and abilities……..learning is a journey, not a destination.  So, you need self-awareness and the ability to hold the mirror up to yourself from time to time. This keeps us aspiring to keep getting better; rather than resting on our title or our position, and/or our laurels. Humility can be naturally developed if we are willing to lean into our own vulnerability and use self-awareness for ongoing discovery and development. Ego and arrogance can block our willingness or ability to do this; and so our leadership remains positional rather than developing our skills and realizing our full potential. With humility and will; we are able to model continuous development to those around us. We can gently guide the next few steps for the team, and build the level of trust.  Because in leadership; everything we do communicates. 

It is a significant part of our personal brand development. What we put our focus on grows, so we need to focus on believing, achieving, and exceeding the goals we have for ourselves and others. Shame and a focus on negativity will not create the environment that is conducive to winning. People will always take their cue from their leader. So holding the mirror up means experiencing ourselves through our people. It means being conscious of our leadership wake. It means making sure that our key messages are motivating; that we focus on problem solving versus problem identification. The 20/80 rule always works, spend 20% of your time on diagnosing the problem and feel bad if you have to; then you have to shift your thinking so that 80% of your time is dedicated to resolving it. Peoples ability to do this is enhanced when they see their leader model the behaviour.  Your intentions are your soul coming into contact with your reality. Calmness can heal much…….Namaste

Deepak Chopra said ” Hope is intangible because it rests on belief. Your role is to be believer in chief. You hold out hope for a better future than anyone else can see. Hopelessness is the most tragic turn that life can take, depriving people of a vision for their future. But at the soul level of your leadership the future is always open because unseen possibilities can always awaken.  As a leader you must keep the horizon full of promise. Promise provides power. Instinctively people realize this, and they cling to hope. In the worst storms, hope is the flickering candle that a leader cannot allow to be extinguished. When we lose hope, we lose direction. Therefore a leader must provide clear direction, a way forward, a step by step plan. Providing guidance also means  holding out the values that need to be restored; such as self-confidence, competence, and worthiness. Show them a concrete way to move forward, you give them a reason to have faith.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach