Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Friday!! Have an awesome day and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.


Take a moment today…………and listen. Listen to your heart as it quietly whispers to you.  Revealing the light within; the one that is encouraging you to come out and dance,  and to finally do what your heart knows you must do. We all have something that represents our highest calling; we also have daily lessons that we need to act on. You cannot ignore the negative energy from one part of your life and think that it will be looked after by the stronger parts.  Feelings buried never die. They must be acknowledged, acted on, and then we are free to let them go. With this commitment we are able to pursue our highest calling and fulfil our purpose. 

That purpose must embrace every part of our being. We can’t ignore those nagging feelings that come to us when we lie awake.  Those annoying doubts, the unanswered calls for love, the fear that we let in our hearts, that rules our mind. Those inconvenient truths that we try to stuff away for another day.  Until you face those, and bring them from the dark into the light; no amount of pretending will make them go away. So we need to lovingly care for ourselves…..and let our heart guide us. We will never defeat tomorrow’s difficulties by worrying; we will only serve to drain today of its magic and strength. Today be committed to honouring your soul whispers…..because the only limits in life, are the ones you believe.

Rebecca Campbell said “Your soul is eternally calling you in the direction of your highest path. Answering your soul’s calling is not about a single revelation; rather it is a lifelong dance.  Your soul knows the way and so is always calling you in the direction of your highest path.  But in order for your highest calling to be revealed you first need to act on all of the little calls along the way.  Have you been holding off answering the whispers of your soul because you are trying to work out your highest calling first?  In other words, wanting to know the end destination before taking the first steps.” 

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive Life Coach